DVD Contest Winners

On Wednesday, A&E Home Entertainment was nice enough to send me some copies of the latest DVD series “The Essential Games of the Philadelphia Phillies” to give away to the loyal Crashburn Alley readers. All you had to do was leave your Twitter handle in the comments with a valid email address. I tossed the entries into a randomizer on Random.org, and here are your winners.

  1. @framed_ace
  2. @Wzeiders
  3. @usfsucks
  4. @JFSportsFan
  5. @tim_horstmann

I’ve sent the winners an email to which they will reply with a mailing address. If I don’t receive a reply within 48 hours, I will randomly select others to take their place, so there’s still a chance you might win if you entered and weren’t originally selected.

Thanks to A&E Home Entertainment for their generosity. If you’d like to give them a reason to pass along more stuff to give away, send them a message on Twitter (@AEHomeEnt) letting them know you enjoy their products and involvement within the community.