The Phellowship of the Ring

Freddy Galvis, the rookie infielder who has captured the imagination of Phillies fans this season, went on the 15-day DL with a lower back injury. No one took this news harder than Galvis’ double play partner, Jimmy Rollins. According to reports, Rollins was inconsolable when he saw Galvis sprawled out on the trainer’s table. At that point, the following conversation took place between the stricken Galvis and the heartbroken Rollins:

Freddy Galvis: “They took the lead!”
Jimmy Rollins: “Be still.”
Galvis: “Kendrick! Where is Kendrick?”
Rollins: “I let Kendrick go.”
Galvis: “Then you did what I could not…I tried to take the ball from him.”
Rollins: “The game is beyond our reach now.”
Galvis: “Forgive me, I did not see. I have failed you.”
Rollins: “No, you’ve fought bravely. You have kept your honor.”
Galvis: “Leave it! It is over…the world of the Phillies will fall and all will come to darkness and my team to ruin.”
Rollins: “I do not know what strength is in my blood, but I swear to you, I will not let the division championship fall, nor our team fail.”
Galvis: “Our team…our team.” (Rollins picks up Galvis’ bat and hands it to him. Galvis grabs the bat and clutches it to his chest)
Galvis: “I would have followed you, my brother…my shortstop, my king.”
Rollins: “Be at peace, El Falcon.”

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