Graph of the Intermittent Time Period

This was one of the more popular and most-heavily requested features last year. With the recent injury to Freddy Galvis, the latest of many, it’s time to break out the first injury chart of 2012.

Name DL Injury $/Game $ to Date Cost
Ryan Howard* 58 Ruptured L Achillies $123,457 $7,160,506 $7,160,506
Chase Utley* 58 L patellar chondromalacia $94,358 $5,472,764 $5,472,764
Cliff Lee 19 L oblique strain $132,716 $7,697,528 $2,521,604
Roy Halladay* 9 R latissimus dorsi $123,457 $7,160,506 $1,111,113
Jim Thome 36 Lower back strain $7,716 $447,528 $277,776
Laynce Nix* 26 Lower L calf strain $7,099 $411,742 $184,574
Michael Martinez* 58 R foot fourth metatarsal $3,003 $174,174 $174,174
Placido Polanco 4 L knee contusion
L ankle sprain
L finger laceration
$39,611 $2,297,438 $158,444
Michael Stutes* 42 R rotator cuff $2,994 $173,652 $125,748
David Herndon* 35 R elbow inflammation $3,056 $177,248 $106,960
Jose Contreras* 6 R flexor pronator $15,432 $895,056 $92,592
Carlos Ruiz 4 R thigh strain
L wrist sprain
$22,840 $1,324,720 $91,360
Hunter Pence 1 L shoulder contusion $64,198 $3,723,484 $64,198
Vance Worley 19 R elbow inflammation $3,056 $177,248 $58,064
Ty Wigginton 1 Shoulder soreness $24,691 $1,432,078 $24,691
Chad Qualls 2 R heel soreness $7,099 $411,742 $14,198
TOTAL 378 $674,783 $39,137,414 $17,638,766

* on disabled list

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As expected, Howard and Utley lead the way as they are two of the team’s more expensive players ($20 million and $15.3 million, respectively) and have yet to play a game in 2012. Lee and Halladay are the other two players who have cost the Phillies over $1 million through June 6. The data illustrates the risk of assigning large sums of money to aging, injury-prone players. GM Ruben Amaro’s gambling hasn’t paid off yet this season.

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  1. Chomp

    June 07, 2012 08:26 AM

    I was actually just thinking about this the other day. Glad to see it back.

  2. Max

    June 07, 2012 08:47 AM

    I wasn’t sure if you were gonna keep this going, and I seriously thought about updating myself last night.

  3. Richard

    June 07, 2012 09:11 AM

    Oy. Thanks for the update.

    Should guys like Polanco, Ruiz, and Pence really be included, though, since they haven’t actually been on the DL?

  4. Mike

    June 07, 2012 11:35 AM

    Is there a way to compare these numbers to those of other teams? I have the impression that the Phillies have been unusually unlucky in terms of injuries to star players. Is that just bias/homerism, or can we determine where the Phils rank in terms of dollars, or games, or dollars per game lost to injury?

  5. Frank Reynolds

    June 07, 2012 03:29 PM

    Thanks for posting this I too was thinking about this the other night. The one guy I really would not mind having on the DL is Chad Qualls.

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