Nationals-Phillies Game Thread 5/18/12

The battle for first place begins! Or whatever place the Phillies and Nationals are battling for nowadays. Either way, we get three games against a division rival, one of which will be the Wednesday night game on ESPN, so you out-of-market folks can take in Cole Hamels and Edwin Jackson. Apparently the Phillies and Nationals are bitter enemies now, so everyone’s going to throw batteries at Bryce Harper, who, I’m told, has done something to anger Phillies fans. Or something.

But tonight has its own big news–Jimmy Rollins had a baby last night, so he won’t be in the lineup tonight while doctors struggle to solve that little bit of procreational weirdness. No doubt the Phillies will shoot the baby full of cortisone and then shoo Bob Brookover out of the hospital like a drunken recluse chasing the neighbors’ kids out of his backyard. The resulting lineup shuffling moves Freddy Galvis over to short and gives Mike Fontenot his first start with the Phillies. Given how much folks around here seem to like dudes with French last names and uniform numbers ending in 8, Fontenot should do fine.




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