Mets-Phillies Game Thread 5/9/12

No matter what, the Phillies cannot possibly lose tonight in as absurd and forehead-palm-slapping a manner as they have done the past two nights. But let’s not dwell on that. Cliff Lee is back, folks! And he’s once again pitted against his orthographic archnemesis, Mets righthander Dillon Gee. With that said, I’d just as soon bat Lee seventh as Brian Schneider or El Falcon, Freddy Galvis.

The Mets, like the Phillies, counter with a lineup that shows nothing but the utmost contempt for anyone unfortunate enough to watch this game, with Scott Hairston in the cleanup spot and a man named Vinny Rottino (who sounds like he’d be delicious with a side of Tom Gorzelanny) playing left field. Also in the lineup is former University of Southern California quarterback Rob Johnson, who was recalled from Triple-A Buffalo to replace starting catcher Josh Thole, who was KTFO by Ty Wigginton two days ago. I could have sworn he left the Bills for Tampa Bay years ago, but I’ll admit I’m not as up on my NFL news as a used to be. Between Rottino, Johnson, and Gee, Terry Collins submits for your approval a lineup, fully a third of which has yet to run the bases this season.

Speaking of Wigginton, he, along with Laynce Nix and Carlos Ruiz, are all shaking off minor injuries and will be withheld from the game. Matt Gelb of the Inquirer has the details here, in case you were wondering why the Phillies’ lineup tonight resembles the opening credits of Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation more than it usually does.




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