Phillies-Nationals Game Thread 5/6/12

Back in last place in the NL East, the Phillies hope to salvage the last game of their three-game set in Washington tonight. Potential free agent Cole Hamels faces off against up-and-comer Jordan Zimmermann of the Nationals. After tonight, the Phillies head back home for eight games against the 15-13 New York Mets, 9-19 San Diego Padres, and 13-15 Houston Astros.




Crashburn Alley Podcast, Episode 3

At long last, the third episode of the Crashburn Alley podcast is up and ready for your listening pleasure. Due to my own technical incompetence and a general inability for the 3-4 of us to find a common time, we had to delay the third episode for a while. This is, if I may say so myself, a great episode, however. Dan Szymborski of Baseball Think Factory and creator of the ZiPS projections joins us to talk baseball and video games, while the three of us (sans Paul Boye) talk about Charlie Manuel’s bullpen follies, the improvement of Joe Blanton, and the NL East landscape.

Click here to download the .mp3 file directly.


  • (0:00-0:22) Michael’s microphone makes him sound like a robot sent from the future
  • (0:22-1:50) Intro music/Introductions
  • (1:50-15:24) Charlie Manuel’s bullpen management
  • (15:24-22:11) Joe Blanton’s last two starts
  • (22:39-41:40) Dan Szymborski interview
  • (42:08-1:01:53) NL East discussion
  • (1:01:53-1:05:39) Trivia
  • (1:05:39-1:23:45) Twitter Q&A

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