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The Phillies finally travel back home after a ten-game road trip that took them through San Francisco, San Diego, and Arizona. Overall, they went 5-5 and had some offensive doldrums as expected. However, the series in Arizona should provide some encouragement as they scored 20 runs in three games, including five home runs. Tomorrow, the Phillies will open up a four-game series at home against the Chicago Cubs before going back on the road to Atlanta and Washington.

Today is an off-day for us Phillies fans as well, so here are some interesting links from around the Internet.

First, some self-promotion:

  • Paul Boye looks at the evolution of Roy Halladay‘s curve [Link]
  • Bradley Ankrom has an update on the Phillies Minor League system [Link]
  • I lament the two-year contract given to Kyle Kendrick in February [Link]
  • If you haven’t picked it up yet, you can still grab my book “100 Things Phillies Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die” [Link]
  • And a note: due to technical difficulties, we’ll be recording Episode 3 of the Crashburn Alley podcast some time this weekend, hopefully. It’s been tough to get all of us together at the same time and to avoid technical mishaps. For those of you waiting with bated breath, continue being patient.

Phillies Links

  • At Brotherly Glove, Eric Seidman wonders what the Phillies should do when Chase Utley returns [Link]
  • Liz Roscher of The Good Phight asks how she should feel about the 2012 Phillies [Link]
  • TBOH’s John Ricco looks at the Phillies’ disappointing plate discipline [Link]
  • Michael Schickling of Thome’s Homies lists 10 things that should cheer you up about the Phillies [Link]
  • David Hale joins the litany of Phillies writers who don’t buy into Roy Halladay’s alleged velocity issues [Link]
  • Matt Gelb ponders playing Utley at first base when he’s cleared to play [Link]
  • David Murphy looks at the road ahead for the Phillies in what was supposed to be an easy start to the season [Link]
  • Now that the good beat writers are out of the way, a Phillies beat writer who once wished a broken neck on Michael Vick calls me a “bad guy” [Link]

General Baseball Links:

  • Hardball Talk’s Craig Calcaterra has the perfect response to Pedro Gomez’s McCarthyistic comments about Jeff Bagwell [Link]
  • Tangotiger has a GREAT illustration of mean-regression nearly perfectly predicting future results [Link]
  • Listen to Chicago White Sox broadcaster “Hawk” Harrelson call this Yoenis Cespdes home run. By far the worst broadcaster in baseball. [Link]
  • At ESPN Sweet Spot, David Schoenfield says that Albert Pujols is no longer baseball’s best hitter. I’m inclined to agree — I think it’s Matt Kemp. [Link]
  • Via Big League Stew, this batting stance is weird, but still not quite as weird as Tony Batista. [Link]
  • Baseball Prospectus ranks the best batting stances [Link]
  • Getting Blanked’s Dustin Parkes has a great response to all of the fuss made about any website’s power rankings [Link]
  • This is just a smart play by Yonder Alonso [Link]
  • We need more players like Brandon McCarthy. He calls out the homophobic nature of ballpark “kiss cams” [Link]
  • Rolling Stone asked rock stars about pitch counts. The majority of them are surprisingly forward-thinking [Link]
  • When the anti-Sabermetric sentiment was strong, I wish I had this to pass around. It’s a neat look at rhetological fallacies [Link]

Tweets of the Day

The Diamondbacks had a cool feature at Chase Field where they would display tweets on the outfield scoreboard as long as they included the hashtag #GoDBacks. This didn’t stop Phillies fans from abusing the privilege.

Picture of the Day

The evolution of baseball players… if they were Pokemon. (via /r/baseball)

Website of the Day

Turn down your speakers, just in case, as there is no volume adjustment. This page is simply awesome.

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  1. Dan K.

    April 26, 2012 09:25 AM

    Wait… did they really show your tweet on the scoreboard?

    If so, you win the internets.

  2. Tyler

    April 26, 2012 10:12 AM

    tweeting hail satan just adds to your bad guy image

  3. Bill Baer

    April 26, 2012 10:49 AM

    I prefer to think of him as the hero we both need and deserve.

    @ Dan

    I’m not sure exactly how it worked. I think it had to get through an intern or something before it would go up on the board.

  4. Dan K.

    April 26, 2012 10:57 AM

    Hey, Satan was an angel before he was the devil…

    I’ll hold out hope that it actually showed up on the board.

  5. pedro3131

    April 26, 2012 01:46 PM

    Just so you guys know, one of the #godbacks tweets actually made it on the jumbotron. Didn’t catch who it was but someone tweeted something along the lines of “#godbacks, jk go PHILS” Tuesday evening

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