Crashburn Alley Podcast Episode 2


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  • (0:00-0:42) Intro music
  • (0:42-2:07) Flyers freakout
  • (2:07-12:00) Should we worry about the Phillies’ offense?
  • (12:28-22:30) Bunting
  • (22:30-32:50) Bullpen usage
  • (33:18-41:30) Phillies prospects with Bradley Ankrom
  • (41:58-47:00) Factors in Cole Hamels‘ free agency
  • (47:00-51:15) Trivia with Baumann
  • (51:15-1:04:10) Twitter Q&A
  • @Major_Hog: YEEEEEWWWWW Mike Stutes
  • @drk5036: Why don’t you get an RBI web you GIDP and a run scores? Does this prove RBI are stupid?
  • @Not_Andre: Whatever happened to Desi Relaford?
  • @uublog: Will any Phillie hit 25 home runs this season?
  • @Frediot: What’s the funniest player/disease combination you can come up with? Cody Ross+scurvy is pretty hilarious to me
  • Click here to see his flow chart that we mentioned
  • @Mayo_Capone: Who’s most likely to win the first bullpen job opening of the year?
  • @ChasingUtley: How low can we go before they call up Dom Brown?
  • @vansantc: Do you think [Chase Headley] is a logical trade candidate this year?
  • @benyarrington: Do you love me?
  • As always, if you have any feedback on the podcast, we’d love to hear it. Let us know what you like and what you didn’t like. Make sure you’re on Twitter and following us next week if you want to ask a question.

    Thanks, as always, to Dirty Ghosts (@DirtyGhosts) for letting us use their music. Please check out their music, their new tour blog, and follow them on Twitter.

    I’ll be doing a spot with shortly, look for that to be posted later today. Bradley Ankrom will be posting a Minor League update as well.

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