Episode 1 of the Crashburn Alley Podcast


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  • (0:00-2:55) Introductions
  • (2:55-5:22) Trivia
  • (5:22-12:45) Michael and Ryan respond to a response to Michael’s pessimistic article
  • (12:48-23:28) Are the Phillies still the favorites? Are they too old?
  • Break
  • (23:56-28:50) Is the Phillies’ offense going to be a problem?
  • (28:50-35:35) The Phillies’ pitching staff, signing Cole Hamels
  • (35:35-48:08) What stats would we like to see used on baseball broadcasts? Camera angles!
  • (48:08-74:50) Twitter questions and answers:
  • (48:08-53:20) via @WalkoffWoodward: Are the Phillies going to be bad in 3 years?
  • (53:20-59:10) via @Slap_bet: Find something positive to say about the Phillies!
  • (59:10-60:20) via @SmallUpsetter: Non Sequitur
  • (60:20-65:20) via @longenhagen: Explaining Sabermetrics to people
  • (65:20-74:50) via @euphronius: How are the Phillies successful in spite of Ruben Amaro? Who will be held responsible if Juan Pierre gets 600 PA?
  • This would have been the spot for a segment on Phillies prospects with new Crashburn writer Bradley Ankrom, but he was under the weather and had to reschedule. He’ll be on next weekend’s episode if all goes according to plan. This is why the podcast ends abruptly.
  • As this is the first episode, it is very important to us that you leave feedback, positive or negative. Let us know what you did and didn’t like. Paul’s sound ranges from awful to good, but there’s nothing I could do about that as I believe it is simply Skype’s fault. Unfortunately, in this episode, I come out of one speaker while the other three come from the other. I hope to fiddle with more settings so everyone comes from both speakers.

    This podcast will be available on iTunes but it isn’t yet, so please be patient! [UPDATE: It’s on iTunes now.]

    Thanks to Dirty Ghosts (@DirtyGhosts) for granting us permission to use their music. You can see them at the Mausoleum of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia on April 20th. Check out their video for “Ropes That Way“:

    Dirty Ghosts – “Ropes That Way” (Official Video) from Last Gang Records on Vimeo.

    A special thank you to Spike Eskin (@SpikeEskin) for giving me plenty of advice along the way to start the podcast, and for being an all-around great guy.