“Ty Wigginton Performs Under Pressure”

You’ll hear the words “performs under pressure” bandied about to describe many players in baseball, usually in the context of a baseball game. For newly-acquired utilityman Ty Wigginton, it means a lot more. This article from the St. Petersburg Times, circa 2007, describes a real-life pressure situation in which Wigginton quite literally delivered.

When his wife, Angela, went into intense labor two weeks early, Ty ended up delivering their son in the bedroom closet of their new North Carolina home.

“He was out in less than a minute,” Ty said Friday. “One or two pushes, and he was ready to see the world.”

The baby was healthy. The delivery, given the circumstances, was smooth. But it was not without drama. And some chaos.

Angela lying on the floor of the walk-in closet. Their 3-year-old son, Chase, sick and scared, locked in the adjacent bedroom, screaming, “Is Mommy o-tay?” Ty getting step-by-step instructions from a 911 operator, then having to give Angela the phone so he could have both hands free to tie the umbilical cord with a lace he took out of his shoe.

“I think adrenaline took over. It’s kind of all a blur,” Ty said. “It was unbelievable.”

Ty Wigginton. Clutch. But not that kind of clutch.