The 2011-12 Compendium

This is the main page for the Compendium of the 2011-12 offseason. Bookmark this post for a collection of links to various posts on the different issues and storylines surrounding the Phils, plus the opinions and analysis of the Crashburn Alley staff. This post will be updated as the individual posts update. Bear with us in the early going; we’ll try to keep everything organized and filled with content, but the offseason is young.

A more detailed description of what the Compendium is after the jump:

Hi, folks! I know you’re all very excited to be dealing with offseason drama already after the Phils’ loss in the Division Series, but cheer up! We here at the Alley have come up with a way to keep you informed and updated on every hot topic involving your Phils this winter.

We’re calling it the Compendium. One post will serve as a home base for every offseason issue, with each of said issues getting their own dedicated post. If news breaks – whether it involves Jimmy Rollins and his contract negotiations, the search for a left fielder or possible progress toward an extension for Cole Hamels – that corresponding post will be updated with the news, with the added perk of something you can’t get anywhere else: evolving analysis and opinions on these topics from us here at the Alley as the news breaks.

Perhaps I’m inflating our egos a bit too much to think of that as the main selling point, but the hope with this idea is that, with links to every offseason issue worth discussing contained in one single post, you’ll have a go-to destination when you want to hear a take (or three!) on a given bit of news.

We’ll keep you updated as best we can. Hopefully, this winter yields productivity and an improved 2012 club. Go Phils.

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  1. Dave B

    October 12, 2011 04:25 PM

    Getting the contract extension done for Cole Hamels is far and away the most important thing the Phillies should concentrate on in the offseason. There is no reason to have that linger into the season. As much as I hate to say it, the club must let go of Jimmy Rollins. He has been a true leader for the team and I wish him well wherever he ends up (hopefully, the American League). Have Mayberry play left and Valdez play short. Look forward to another 100 win season!!

  2. Bliz

    October 13, 2011 11:40 AM

    Question for the Crashburn alley folks: Is Dominic Brown your starting left fielder in 2012? I would guess the answer to that question would be yes, considering all of the money the phils have to spend on their current players, and then addressing SS, 3B, closer, and a fill-in for Howard at 1B. Thoughts? Feelings?

  3. Cutter McCool

    October 15, 2011 10:21 PM

    Mayberry should fill in at first. Brown in left. Otherwise, I agree with Dave B.

  4. Bill Reynolds

    October 16, 2011 12:47 PM

    Time to evaluate some changes without upping payroll. With the upcoming free agents and injury to Howard, I think RAJ should try to get younger with a lower payroll. How about Matt Rizzotti (BA 295 and 24HR @AA) or Cody Overbeck (BA 279 @AAA) at 1B and Freddy Galvis (BA 295 @AAA) if not retaining JRoll. An out field of JMJ, Victorino and Pence should be fine with D.Brown wiating in the wings. That said the only position left that might be worth a look at free agents would be 3B. The Phils can’t continue getting older with outlandish (5 yrs, 125K -Ryan Howard) contracts. They need to start looking at their minor leagues and giving some of these guys a legitimate chance and not jerking them around like with D. Brown (may never recover but hope so as he is still pretty young). Same holds true with the pen. Let’s give the younger guys a chance instead of bringing in older, end of career guys like H.Bell.

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