Content Update

As mentioned in my stream of consciousness post after the NLDS, Crashburn Alley will continue to cover the Phillies throughout the off-season and into the 2012 season. At the moment, however, I am putting the finishing touches on a book that will be released in the spring (I’ll post more details about that as I’m allowed). My time over the next week or two will be spent getting that done. As a result, I may not be able to post for a short while.

I’ve told the other writers on board that they can post as their time allows, but I will also be accepting guest posts. If you’ve got thoughts on the NLDS, the 2011 season in retrospect, the off-season to come, or any other Phillies-related subject, feel free to email crashburnalley [at] gmail [dot] com . Include “guest post” in the subject and the name you’d like listed in your byline, as well as links to whatever you’d like to promote, be it your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. (can be all of the above). If possible, send your post as a Word document. The post doesn’t have to be statistically-oriented at all; it just has to be unique, interesting, and well-written.

Thanks for your patience. I look forward to digging into the off-season as the Phillies try to add the missing roster pieces to reach the promised land in 2012.