DVD Contest: May 17, 1979 PHI @ CHC

A representative of A+E Home Entertainment contacted me and was kind enough to offer a few DVDs to give away to Crashburn Alley readers. The DVD, which you can purchase here, chronicles a wacky 23-22 game between the Phillies and Cubs at Wrigley Field in 1979.


The Phillies, having won the prior day’s game at Wrigley 13-0, jumped out on top 21-9. With the Chicago faithful straining for hope–lo’ and behold, in one of the wildest Wrigley Field slugfests of all time–the Cubbies stormed back to knot the score at 22! The stage for this scoreboard jamming contest was set in the first stanza. The Cubs starting pitcher recorded only one out, allowing six runs, while the Phillies starter–who homered in the first inning, also exited after recording only one out and allowing five runs! The two lineups were filled with stars: Mike Schmidt (2 home runs), Larry Bowa (5 hits), Bob Boone (5 RBI), Bill Buckner (7 RBI), and Dave Kingman (3 home runs). Yes, the wind was blowing out that day at Wrigley. Direct from the Major League Baseball archives, this rare and extraordinary television broadcast includes the quintessential making of a Wrigley classic, mind-boggling offense and one unforgettable baseball game. A special DVD audio feature allows fans to watch the television broadcast and listen to the radio play-by-play!

What is the contest? Simply predict the performance of the Phillies’ starting pitchers over the next seven games, which include four in Milwaukee against the Brewers and three in Houston against the Astros. Leave a comment below with your prediction of the starting rotation’s collective FIP. For your convenience, the formula for FIP I will be using is:

( ( (13 * HR) + (3 * BB) – (2 * K) ) / IP ) + 3.20

Apologies in advance for those of you who don’t like math. This works easiest with a spreadsheet but as long as you know the order of operations, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty coming up with a reasonable figure. Or you can just guess without putting too much thought into it — to each his own.

The three entries closest to the actual results without going over will be the winners.

Lastly, in the event of a tie, also leave your prediction for the Phillies’ aggregate win total in both the Brewers series (four games) and Astros series (three games). To clarify, the wins reference the team as a whole, not pitcher decisions.

An example of a clean entry would look like:

FIP: 3.75

Wins: 3

Make sure you leave a valid e-mail address with your comment as I will be using that to contact you in the event you win. After I contact you, you will provide me an address to ship to, which I will forward to the A+E Home Entertainment representative.

Any contest entries sent to me in any other format other than in the comments below will be ignored. I will be monitoring the comments for multiple entries from one person, but you can make my job easier by playing honorably. The deadline for entry is 7:00 PM ET tonight (Thursday).

Three Five lucky — or prescient — people will take home a DVD. But if you don’t win, remember you can still purchase them on the A+E website.

UPDATE: The A+E rep contacted me again and agreed to send me a couple extra DVDs. So there will now be five winners.