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Sarge Is Awesome [.gifs]

Just a warning to you low-bandwidth, slow-computer people: there will be many .gifs after the jump, so don’t click through if you can’t handle it.

Staked to a four-run lead, the New York Mets wanted to get Mike Pelfrey through the bottom of the sixth inning as he was at the end of his rope, throwing over 120 pitches. With two outs and the bases empty, he had to get past Placido Polanco before hitting the showers. Polanco, as he always does, worked the count well, fouling a few pitches off and getting to 2-2. Pelfrey decided to throw him an inside slider, but went a bit too far inside, nearly hitting Polanco. Those of us watching on TV wondered if the ball grazed his uniform, but alas, it did not. 3-2 count.

Pelfrey then started jawing at Polanco for seemingly no reason. Broadcaster Tom McCarthy speculated that it was because Pelfrey thought Polanco was trying to lean into the pitch to get a free trip to first base. Polanco was as surprised as anybody to hear the criticism. The .gifs show this story unfolding in hilarious fashion. Click the link to watch the scene.

The HBP That Wasn’t

What? What?

Don’t Mess With Chase

Roy, Ben, and Raul Ready to Pounce

Thole Doing Damage Control

More Damage Control

Thole Telling Pelfrey He’s Stupid (Presumably)

Polanco Still Has No Idea

That wasn’t the best part, though. After the debacle, Gary “Sarge” Matthews expounded on what had just occurred.

That’s why these guys lose anyway, though. They’re a bunch of crybabies. Most of ’em, they really are.

But wait, there’s more!

Andy Martino, the Mets beat reporter for the New York Daily News, tweeted about his encounter with Sarge shortly thereafter.

Just ran into Gary “Sarge” Matthews in hallway. He said: “Tell them the Sarge said it–The Mets are crybabies. That’s why they lose.”

Then he doubled back and make a crying motion with hands on face. Said: “Make sure you have tears, like this.”


Although the Mets-Phillies rivalry has fizzled out since 2007, this is certainly a fun way to fan the flames. I doubt anything will come of this, but it was great to see Mets fans throw hissy fits on Twitter.