Wednesday Link Dump

There’s nothing in the blog queue for today unless Paul or Jeff want to whip something up on the fly, so I’m just going to direct you to great stuff from around the Internets. Let’s start with some self-promotion.

You can follow the Crashburn crew on Twitter. @CrashburnAlley is Bill, @Phrontiersman is Paul, and @Utley4God is Jeff. Although I’ve been absent during the last couple games, I’m usually on Twitter during games giving my immediate reactions and often wagering large sums of money to will the Phillies to victory. If you’re not a Tweeter — and why wouldn’t you be — you can get updates on new posts by liking Crashburn Alley on Facebook.

I co-host the Phillies and Sabermetrics-focused show “Stathead” with Jeff Sottolano on Phillies 24/7 HD radio, 98.1 WOGL HD-4. The show airs every Tuesday at 3 PM ET and re-airs on Wednesdays at 2 PM ET. If you missed yesterday’s show, you can still grab your HD radio to hear what we had to say about Vance Worley, Ryan Howard, and some trade deadline targets. We also discussed the Bill Conlin article that was dissected here recently.

If you’re into fantasy baseball, I cover starting pitchers every Friday at Baseball Prospectus, looking for undervalued pitchers that are likely available in your leagues.

In case you happened to miss all of the blog action over the last few days, here’s a quick recap:

  • Jeff Barnes argues that the Phillies should do nothing as the July 31 trading deadline fast approaches. [Link]
  • I looked at Ryan Howard’s stats and didn’t find much room for optimism. [Link]
  • Continuing my role as Debbie Downer, I also called for lowered expectations with Vance Worley. [Link]
  • Jose Bautista continues to be the target of PED suspicion, so I compared his rise to stardom to that of Roy Halladay. [Link]

Phillies stuff elsewhere on the Internet…

At Brotherly Glove, Eric Seidman (@EricSeidman) looks at the impact J.J. Hardy’s recently-signed contract will have on Jimmy Rollins. [Link]

Also at BG, Eric points out that a third baseman may be as important to the Phillies as a corner outfielder or reliever. [Link]

At Zoo With Roy, @Cranekicker delves into Shane Victorino’s mind after he hit what he thought was a home run. [Link]

Chris Jones (@LONG_DRIVE) from The Fightins looks over the players the Phillies could be acquiring before the trading deadline. [Link]

The Good Phight’s Taco Pal thinks Hunter Pence’s career year is unsustainable and isn’t the best player for the Phillies to target. [Link]

Fire Eric Bruntlett looked at the potentially historic seasons from the Phillies’ three aces. [Link]

David Murphy (@HighCheese) reports that Roy Halladay will make his next start after failing to get through the fifth inning on Monday. [Link]

David Hale (@Philled_In) has some nice quotes from Scott Proefrock that indicate the Phillies may be passive leading up to the deadline with quite a few players on their way back from the disabled list. [Link]

Matt Gelb (@magelb) has the latest updates on Roy Oswalt — good news. The hope is an early August return. [Link]

This is an old article from The Good Phight, but I’ve seen the “Team Record when Player X Scores a Run” stat thrown around lately, so I think it’s worth another read. [Link]

General baseball stuff on the Interwebs…

Matt Swartz (@Matt_Swa) is now writing for FanGraphs and he brought SIERA along with him. His debut at FanGraphs features a five-part series explaining SIERA and the recent changes made to the great statistic. Parts one and two have been posted; three should be up sometime today as well.

I’m always amazed at the quality of work Mike Fast (@fastballs)¬†does at Baseball Prospectus. In his latest article, he shows the production of players based on the amount of pitches they see within the strike zone. [Link]

David Schoenfield (@dschoenfield) looks at RBI production from the clean-up spot over the past decade. [Link]

At SB Nation, Jeff Sullivan (@LookoutLanding) concludes that Roy Halladay’s latest outing in Chicago confirms, not denies, that he is not human. [Link]

Due to Halladay’s bad start in Chicago, his streak of 50 consecutive road games with six or more innings pitched was broken. Baseball Reference lists the 50 longest such streaks. [Link]

Matt Klaassen (@devil_fingers) posted the updated catcher defense ratings at Beyond the Box Score. Do a Ctrl+F for Carlos Ruiz. [Link]

By the way, if you haven’t read Gary Smith’s article on Chooch at Sports Illustrated, do yourself a favor and click on this link. –> [Link]

Ben Duronio (@Ben_Duronio) of Capitol Avenue Club points out the real reasons why the Atlanta Braves could trade Derek Lowe. [Link]

Completely random stuff from the Internet…

As a video game enthusiast, when this guy set the record for lowest score without dying in a game of Super Mario Bros. 1, he became my idol:

Anyone have any theories as to how Mathieu Bich pulled off this magic trick?

I don’t know why, but metal seems to translate to the piano well. I’ve heard quite a few metal covers done on piano and none of them have been bad. I’d have preferred if this one wasn’t passed through a computer program, but it’s great nonetheless.