Crashburn Live Chat, Tuesday @ 6 PM ET

Updated. See end of post.

I may be the last blogger on the planet to get on board with this, but I am going to start hosting live chats on the blog once a week, starting tomorrow night at 6 PM ET. As we move forward, we’ll figure out together what works and what doesn’t. Currently, my schedule leaves Tuesday nights as the best time for a live chat, but that can change depending on a whole host of factors. For now, the chat will start at 6 PM ET and end at 7 PM, just before the live broadcast starts. At that point, I’ll be on Twitter, where you can get my instantaneous and lightly-researched opinions on the game as it unfolds.

You can leave questions ahead of time in case you can’t join us live. Talk about anything you want, whether it’s about the Phillies, baseball in general, Sabermetrics, etc. It should be a great way for us to interact. When I polled the readership a few weeks ago, many expressed apprehension about participating in the comments because they lacked the statistical acumen to hold their ground in a discussion. So if you would like clarification on a Sabermetric concept, or if you’d like to throw in your two cents that you felt hesitant to leave previously, please take this opportunity to do so!

As this is something meant to benefit the Phillies community at large, please keep the questions and comments civil.

Click here to go to the chat

Also, a reminder: you can tune in to 98.1 WOGL HD-4 with your HD Radio to listen to Phillies 24/7. “Stathead”, with myself and Jeff Sottolano, airs at 3 PM ET on Tuesdays and re-airs at 2 PM ET on Wednesays.

Update: Paul Boye (@Phrontiersman), will be joining me in the chat tomorrow. He has written for Phillies Nation, worked as a video scout for Baseball Info Solutions, and spent time in the player development and video departments of a Major League team.

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  1. Jeff T

    June 06, 2011 09:18 AM

    Cool. Thanks for doing this. It’ll be fun to talk Phils.

  2. Matty

    June 06, 2011 01:57 PM

    I might not make this chat, but just as frustrating as the 2 out runs allowed after retiring the first two batters, is the 0-2 walk. You know, when the pitcher gets ahead of the batter 0-2 and then walks him. I’m not sure which one of these irks me more.

    Sure, I understand the reasoning. Once the pitcher gets ahead, then he starts throwing junk in hopes that the batter will swing at it. But all too often the pitcher continues to nibble and next thing you know, the batter winds up being handed first base after being down in the count.

    I’d like to hear opinion on this. Should a pitcher just go right at the batter with strikes, or waste a few pitches hoping the batter chases? Since the batter is down in the count, he doesn’t know what pitch is coming or where it will be. He’s more defensive and the pitcher still has the advantage. If the batter is patient, and gets the count back more in his favor, then the pitcher loses much of that advantage.

    Food for thought.

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