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I was a bit forgetful in procuring the clip from my appearance on Spike Eskin and Chris Johnson’s show “What’s the Word?” on Phillies 24/7 HD Radio last week. Although the topics are a bit outdated, you may still enjoy listening to the 20-minute segment. Use the player below.

What’s the Word? with Bill Baer by Crashburn Alley

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Today’s edition of “Stathead” is also ready to go at 3 PM ET today. Spike is filling in for Jeff Sottolano, who had to attend to more important things on this beautiful Tuesday mid-morning. We’ll be talking about that amazing 19-inning game, the resurgence of Raul Ibanez, what’s in store for Vance Worley, and the best Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels. If you have an HD radio, tune in to 98.1 WOGL HD-4 at 3 PM ET.

Cole Hamels Is Phillies’ Best Starter

Surprising headline, indeed. And, yes, it is true: Cole Hamels has been the Phillies’ best starter thus far. While Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee have received the lion’s share of media attention, Hamels has quietly become one of the best pitchers in baseball. In fact, an argument could be made that he has been the best in baseball thus far this season.

After a relatively mediocre performance from Roy Halladay yesterday against the Washington Nationals, the reigning National League Cy Young award winner relinquished his Major League-leading 2.60 SIERA. He was bumped slightly back to 2.66. Hamels, just a shade behind at 2.62, moves into first place.

Hamels isn’t better than every Phillies starter in any particular category. Cliff Lee strikes out more batters, Halladay issues fewer walks and induces more ground balls, while Roy Oswalt allows fewer home runs. However, Hamels is well above-average in every category that best explains and predicts a pitcher’s success and failure.

Of course, Hamels has only been technically the best starter going by SIERA. There is still a lot of variance that reduces our certainty in the data. Additionally, Halladay and Lee have both been a bit BABIP-unlucky, so there is room for them to be even better going forward. At any rate, it is quite nice that the Phillies have the three best starting pitchers in baseball.