Graph of the Intermittent Time Period

This one is very self-explanatory. The Phillies offense, runs be damned, have hit a lot of line drives. Presently, they rank third in all of Major League Baseball with an aggregate 20.6 percent line drive rate. Only the Los Angeles Dodgers (22.3 percent) and Chicago Cubs (21 percent) are better, and all three exceed the 18.6 percent National League average.

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Pete Orr, last night’s hero, is crushing the ball despite a paltry .287 wOBA. Given Wilson Valdez‘s uninspiring 2011 season, Orr has made a case to remain on the roster once Chase Utley returns. Of course, Valdez has job security, so Michael Martinez should be the one worrying about his job status, even as a Rule-5 selection.

Another surprise is Jimmy Rollins. Everybody has been marveling over his walk rate (12 percent compared to his 7.5 percent career average), but he has been hitting the ball well — his .090 ISO is a liar!

Despite the plethora of line drives, the Phillies remain near the middle of the pack with a .298 BABIP. As a group, they have a .679 BABIP on line drives, which is 14th-worst in the NL and more than three percent lower than the NL average. If there is reason for optimism with regard to the Phillies offense, this is it. It is unlikely that the Phillies will be this unlucky on line drives over the course of an entire season, given how well they have been making contact.