Frenchcoeur: Citizens Bank Park “a bandbox”

Via FanNation:

“Poor David [Wright] hits the ball to right-center so well and there it’s an out,” Francoeur said. … Francoeur didn’t waste time knocking his former home field after signing with the Royals in the offseason, and even though it’s no longer his problem, the right fielder remains adamant the Mets need to make changes — to the field, not the team. “They’ve gotta shorten the park up,” Francoeur said. “It’s huge. I’m not saying make it a bandbox like Philadelphia, but they have to do something.”

Two things:

1. Citizens Bank Park is not and has not been “a bandbox”.

At The Good Phight, Schmenkman wrote a detailed article explaining why CBP actually plays rather fair. He included this slick chart:

2. David Wright doesn’t hit many balls to right-center.

This spray chart comes from Texas Leaguers:

I’m not seeing too many marks that are both A) deep enough in right-center where they should be falling in for hits, and B) outs. I see one, and I could generously see three.

Considering Francoeur is the same guy who once said, “If on-base percentage is so important, then why don’t they put it up on the scoreboard?”, I’m not surprised to see him wrong on both counts. Still, with his .928 OPS and winning smile, he has carte blanche with most sportswriters.