Should Phillies Fans Cheer Logan Morrison?

If you’re not on Twitter, make an account right now and immediately follow @LoMoMarlins, the account of Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison. In a short time on Twitter, Morrison has made a splash with Marlins fans and also with baseball fans in general, particularly Phillies fans.

What separates Morrison’s Twitter feed from those of other athletes is that he doesn’t simply post banal material, such as how excited he is for the upcoming season and how hard he’s working. He talks with fans about almost anything, and even promoted the “Sharktits” meme.

LoMo made a splash with Phillies fans due to a combination of his sense of humor and admiration for Phillies players, particularly their pitchers:

Can I tell you how excited I am to face R2C2 (great name btw!) *Breaking News* Logan Morrison goes hitless vs Phillies until his 30th bday

He even respects Roy Oswalt’s ability to play the outfield:

Roy BUT I’m a WAY better LHP than him RT @OuttaHerrrrreee: who plays a better LF, you or Roy Oswalt?

Pitching prospect Jarred Cosart expressed dismay at having to earn a job against the Phillies’ fearsome foursome. Morrison played the role of realtor:

Good point. Forget renting in Lehigh Valley you may want 2 buy RT @JarredCosart: Try having 2 b the guy trying 2 take 1 of their jobs

Surely, you can see why Phillies fans have taken a liking to the guy. However, a certain segment of Phillies fans on Twitter think the LoMo love has gone too far, and worry that Philadelphia’s reputation as a tough sports town and the Phillies’ home field advantage are in jeopardy if fans openly cheer for Morrison at home games.

What Morrison has done on Twitter is great for baseball and more athletes should take note. He has established a real connection with both Marlins fans and fans of other teams, which is very, very hard to do. It is likely that Morrison’s personality will get more than a handful of non-Marlins fans to tune into his games during the season, which is great for advertisers and for It may lead to the Marlins getting some more national exposure on FOX and ESPN. All because of “sharktits”.

But should Phillies put their reputation on the line and cheer for him? That’s up to each fan individually. There are some that feel that such behavior needs to be regulated, but ultimately, the decision is up to you. Part of being a baseball fan is choosing who you root for and who you root against, and sometimes the boundaries are blurred.

Consider Ken Griffey, Jr — incredible player, and an even better personality. If you actively disliked Junior, you were the one with the problem, even if you were a fan of the California Angels. Some players transcend those traditional boundaries. Morrison may not be the same caliber of player as Junior, but his use of technology to foster communication with fans can make him just as likable.

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