Dennys Reyes, Fat Jokes Likely Coming to Philadelphia

With Joe Blanton fat jokes going out of style, left-handed reliever Dennys Reyes will likely provide some comic relief for Phillies fans. ESPN’s Enrique Rojas reports that the hefty lefty is close to signing with the Phillies on a one-year deal with a club option for 2012.

Reyes, who will turn 34 in April, isn’t an inspiring pitcher by any means. In 2010, Reyes set a career-low in K/9 (5.9) and posted an obscenely high BB/9 (5.0). Essentially, he’s a heavier version of J.C. Romero.

If used strictly against lefties, Reyes can be effective. Since 2002, Reyes walked right-handed hitters on a much more frequent basis, averaging 5.3 per nine innings compared to 3.70 against lefties. In terms of xFIP, Reyes has been about a full run better against lefties. The following chart displays his xFIP by year against right- and left-handed batters.

Also of note is Reyes’ penchant for inducing ground balls. Since 2002, when batted ball data was recorded, nearly 56 percent of batted balls have been on the ground. However, that figure has been decreasing every year since 2006.

It’s a “meh” signing for the Phillies, but at least it gives us laypeople plenty of opportunity to show off our comedic chops.