CSI One-Liners, Baseball Style

Things have been slow with the blog, but hopefully the pace picks up soon. Fantasy baseball columns have returned to Baseball Prospectus — you can look for my analysis of starting pitchers tomorrow and every Friday. And soon enough, you can read my articles about Roy Halladay and Ryan Madson in the Maple Street Press Phillies Annual 2011. As for the blog, there will be a guest post tomorrow, courtesy Justin Klugh of That Ball’s Outta Here.

In the meantime, I wanted to post something light-hearted. On Twitter, I entertained myself and a few others on Twitter with a mockery of the CSI one-liner meme. In case you’re not familiar, on CSI: Miami, the character Horatio (played by David Caruso) will learn of a situation, put his sunglasses on, and make a corny one-liner. For plenty of examples, watch this video:

The meat of the meme comes from the four-pane comics, ¬†providing endless hilarity. I coined up a few in Photoshop. Feel free to come up with your own in the comments. If you’d like to make your own comics, use this template.

Viva la Internet.