Programming Note

Just a quick note regarding new posts here at Crashburn Alley: they will likely come out less frequently for the next couple weeks. Thanksgiving is coming up, of course, but I am also working on a couple other writing projects in the meantime. I will be authoring a couple articles for the Maple Street Press Phillies annual, which will be sold in most local supermarkets and drug stores. My weekly fantasy baseball articles will also return to Baseball Prospectus around the first week of December if all goes according to schedule.

To help fill in some space here on the blog, I’ll be accepting guest articles. If you’d like to have one of your articles published here, send them to CrashburnAlley [at] Gmail [dot] com. It’s a good way to get some free publicity for your blog, or just to see your name somewhere on the Internets. Be sure to include any pertinent details you’d like included with your post, i.e. your name, your blog name and URL, and anything else you deem relevant. The articles don’t have to be Sabermetrically-oriented, but should be original work and relevant to Phillies fans. Try your best to make sure your article is cleaned up for spelling and grammar, but I’ll do some editing prior to publishing if necessary.

I’d also like to experiment with a “mailbag” feature. Send, to the same e-mail address listed above with “mailbag” somewhere in the subject line, any questions you have regarding the Phillies and I’ll post my best attempts at answering those questions every week. If it goes well, I’d like to incorporate it going into the 2011 regular season.

As we enter the doldrums of baseball’s off-season, sit tight and wait for the free agents to start signing and for GM’s to start making trades. Soon enough, we’ll have spring training baseball on our hands.