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Graph of the Intermittent Time Period

Now that¬†Chase Utley and Placido Polanco have been placed on the disabled list, it’s once again time to look at just how badly the injuries are piling up for the Phillies. I have created a timeline detailing the length of each player’s stint on the disabled list. The red bars indicate DL stints; light red bars indicate games missed with day-to-day injuries; and gray bars indicate when the player was not on the active roster.

Click on the thumbnail below to view a much larger version.

And the data:

Player Absent Injury $/Gm $ to Date Injury Cost
Brad Lidge 41 R Flexor Tendon
Surgery / R Elbow
$70,988 $5.25 M $2.91 M
Jimmy Rollins 58 R Calf Strain
(Grade II, Grade I)
$46,296 $3.43 M $2.69 M
Ryan Madson 55* R Big Toe Fracture $27,778 $2.06 M $1.53 M
J.C. Romero 22 L Flexor Tendon
$24,691 $1.83 M $0.54 M
Chase Utley 5* R Thumb UCL Sprain $92,593 $6.85 M $0.46 M
J.A. Happ 67* L Forearm Strain $2,901 $0.21 M $0.19 M
Carlos Ruiz 16* Concussion $11,728 $0.87 M $0.19 M
Placido Polanco 5* L Elbow Bruise $30,864 $2.28 M $0.15 M
Joe Blanton 24 L Oblique Strain $6,173 $0.46 M $0.15 M
Chad Durbin 7 R Hamstring Strain $13,117 $0.97 M $0.09 M
Brian Schneider 13 L Achilles Strain $6,173 $0.46 M $0.08 M
Antonio Bastardo 13* L Elbow Ulnar Neuritis $2,500 $0.19 M $0.03 M
Juan Castro 5 L Hamstring Strain $4,321 $0.32 M $0.02 M
TOTAL 331 $25.17 M $9.04 M

* Still on disabled list

Of the nearly $140 million the Phillies are paying out this year, more than $9 million (6.5 percent) has been lost due to injuries. With seven players currently on the disabled list and several more sure to join them given the daily grind in a baseball life, that number will only continue to grow as the season progresses. 2010 is not looking like a charmed season for the Fightin’s. If the Phillies are to reach the World Series for a third consecutive year, they are truly going to have to earn it.