Graph of the Intermittent Time Period

Now that Chase Utley and Placido Polanco have been placed on the disabled list, it’s once again time to look at just how badly the injuries are piling up for the Phillies. I have created a timeline detailing the length of each player’s stint on the disabled list. The red bars indicate DL stints; light red bars indicate games missed with day-to-day injuries; and gray bars indicate when the player was not on the active roster.

Click on the thumbnail below to view a much larger version.

And the data:

Player Absent Injury $/Gm $ to Date Injury Cost
Brad Lidge 41 R Flexor Tendon
Surgery / R Elbow
$70,988 $5.25 M $2.91 M
Jimmy Rollins 58 R Calf Strain
(Grade II, Grade I)
$46,296 $3.43 M $2.69 M
Ryan Madson 55* R Big Toe Fracture $27,778 $2.06 M $1.53 M
J.C. Romero 22 L Flexor Tendon
$24,691 $1.83 M $0.54 M
Chase Utley 5* R Thumb UCL Sprain $92,593 $6.85 M $0.46 M
J.A. Happ 67* L Forearm Strain $2,901 $0.21 M $0.19 M
Carlos Ruiz 16* Concussion $11,728 $0.87 M $0.19 M
Placido Polanco 5* L Elbow Bruise $30,864 $2.28 M $0.15 M
Joe Blanton 24 L Oblique Strain $6,173 $0.46 M $0.15 M
Chad Durbin 7 R Hamstring Strain $13,117 $0.97 M $0.09 M
Brian Schneider 13 L Achilles Strain $6,173 $0.46 M $0.08 M
Antonio Bastardo 13* L Elbow Ulnar Neuritis $2,500 $0.19 M $0.03 M
Juan Castro 5 L Hamstring Strain $4,321 $0.32 M $0.02 M
TOTAL 331 $25.17 M $9.04 M

* Still on disabled list

Of the nearly $140 million the Phillies are paying out this year, more than $9 million (6.5 percent) has been lost due to injuries. With seven players currently on the disabled list and several more sure to join them given the daily grind in a baseball life, that number will only continue to grow as the season progresses. 2010 is not looking like a charmed season for the Fightin’s. If the Phillies are to reach the World Series for a third consecutive year, they are truly going to have to earn it.