Contest: We Have A Winner!

Back on June 14, Lee Panas was kind enough to offer a copy of his book Beyond Batting Average to the winner of a contest of my choosing. Given the Phillies’ offensive woes, I chose to base the contest around a prediction of the offense over the next six games.

The winner is David who got in the last of 21 entries. Clutch!

The Phillies scored 36 runs over those six games (the consensus guessed 28 runs). The tie-breaker questions were not needed, but here are the results anyway:

  • Ryan Howard home runs: 4
    • 2 correct guesses (9.5%)
    • consensus guessed 2 HR
  • Wilson Valdez ground ball double plays: 1
    • 6 correct guesses (29%)
    • consensus guessed 1 GIDP
  • Raul Ibanez slugging percentage: .401
    • 0 correct guesses
    • consensus guessed .413 SLG
  • Greg Dobbs pinch-hits: 0
    • 14 correct guesses (67%)
    • consensus guessed 0 PH
  • Chase Utley extra-base hits: 3
    • 5 correct guesses (24%)
    • consensus guessed 4 XBH

You can still preview and order Lee’s book — both as a downloadable file and as a tangible book — by clicking here.

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1 comment

  1. Mark

    June 24, 2010 11:49 AM

    That offense has come to life lately which is refreshing. Howard is striking out less on top of the home runs that he had this week.

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