Graph of the Intermittent Time Period

A look at the pitching staff, comparing ERA to SIERA.

Ryan Madson 7.00 2.86 4.14
Kyle Kendrick 5.66 5.00 0.66
Joe Blanton 5.06 4.43 0.63
Cole Hamels 3.92 3.38 0.54
Jamie Moyer 4.30 4.30 0.00
David Herndon 4.40 4.43 -0.03
Danys Baez 4.91 5.21 -0.30
Antonio Bastardo 2.35 3.04 -0.69
Jose Contreras 0.63 1.43 -0.80
Chad Durbin 2.76 3.69 -0.93
Brad Lidge 2.70 3.82 -1.12
Roy Halladay 1.64 3.02 -1.38
Nelson Figueroa 3.78 5.41 -1.63
J.C. Romero 3.18 4.92 -1.74
J.A. Happ 0.00 6.50 -6.50

The table is sorted by the difference between the two figures. The pitchers at the top are the “unluckiest” while those at the bottom are the “luckiest”. Any surprise that Cole Hamels and Ryan Madson are at the top?

(Click on the image to view a larger version.)

You can see a similar graph and analysis on the Tampa Bay Rays pitching staff in my latest article at Baseball Daily Digest.

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  1. Dickie Assburn

    May 23, 2010 06:51 PM

    This is pretty interesting. However, what I doubt the stat includes (just because I don’t think a stat can realistically measure this) are the odds of a batter swinging more against guys like Madson and Kendrick because they know they can hit them. Madson is the mayor of Blown Save City and Kyle Kendrick is Kyle Kendrick.

    Now, Cole, for instance… the stats are accurate. If you watch the Phillies at all, you know that, when Cole makes a mistake, it gets sent into the seats almost every time.

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