BDD: Zero Tolerance for Vicente Padilla

At Baseball Daily Digest, I detail Vicente Padilla’s history of intentionally throwing at opposing hitters and call for Major League Baseball to step in and stop him.

In 2006, he led the American League in hit batters with 17. He hit two batters in five different outings, including one against the L.A. Angels that incited a benches-clearing brawl. In ‘07, he finished with the ninth-highest hit batters total with nine. In one start against the Oakland Athletics on September 16, he intentionally threw at Nick Swisher — the #2 hitter — in the bottom of the first inning. Swisher charged the mound and both players were ejected.


To date, Padilla has hit 85 different players. He has hit 15 of them (18%) multiple times, including Mark Teixeira thrice. Padilla and Teixiera were teammates in Texas, but their history dates back further to Padilla’s time in Philadelphia.

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  1. bob dee

    April 25, 2010 02:50 PM

    this article is bs. where’s the contrast to other pitcher. did you know walter johnson hit 205 batters in his carreer & randy johnson has hit 190. the great senator jim bunning hit 160. roger clemens 159 (maybe it was the steroids). nolan ryan 158. don the headhunter drysdale 154, pedro martinez 141, greg maddox 137 & chan ho park 135. bob gibson 102. does padilla’s number seem high now.

  2. BS?

    May 18, 2010 04:02 PM

    Here’s your contrast.
    W Johnson 205 HBP, 5,914 IP (0.03466 HBP/IP); R Johnson 190 HBP, 4,135 IP (0.04594 HBP/IP); Bunning 160 HBP 3,760 IP (0.04255); Clemens 159 HBP 4,916 IP (0.03234); Ryan 158 HBP 5,386 IP (0.02934); Drysdale 154 HBP 3,432 IP (0.04487); Martinez 141 HBP 2,827 IP (0.04988); Maddux 137 HBP 5,008 IP (0.02736); Gibson 102 HBP 3,884 IP (0.02626)

    Padilla has hit 102 batters in 1,439 innings pitched (0.7088 HBP/IP)

    The only one on your list that is close to him would be Chan Ho Park who has 135 HBP in 1,929 IP (0.06998 HBP/IP), and he is very close.

    So yes, Padilla’s HBP number does indeed seem high.

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