Programming Note: NL East Previews

It’s March and that means team previews are popping up around the baseball blogosphere. If you haven’t been following along, there’s a new one every day in March at Baseball Daily Digest and they’ve been great so far. Personally, I like to nail a bunch of birds with a few stones, so I’m going to be interviewing some of my favorite bloggers around the NL East for thoughts on their teams going into 2010. Here’s what it will look like (hopefully):

On Friday, I’m hoping to get a bunch of Phillies bloggers together to tackle a bunch of questions. I already have about 15 bloggers signed up, but there’s no limit. If you have a Phillies blog (doesn’t matter how big or small) and would like to participate, send an e-mail to CrashburnAlley [at] and let me know. Include your blog URL so I can link to it.

As for me, I’ll have a couple Phillies previews popping up at Baseball Daily Digest and The Hardball Times at the end of the month as well as providing a short blurb for ESPN’s Rob Neyer. Stay tuned for that.