BDD: A Theory on the Acceptance of Sabermetrics

At Baseball Daily Digest, I try to put myself in the shoes of a casual fan looking at Sabermetrics.

Despite the popular claim that you can always see something new in a baseball game, there are finite events that can occur on the baseball field. They have been neatly categorized into buckets such as safe or out; ball or strike; ground ball, fly ball, or line drive; single, double, triple, or home run; fastball, change-up, slider, and so on. That makes the data much easier to collect and analyze than in other, more prevalent areas of science. For instance, we know surprisingly little about the human body despite the incredible advancements that have been made over the years. Yet the research of neurosurgeons is never called into question by the average person, but the research of Sabermetricians is constantly taken to task. Sabermetric research has been very thorough and very convincing to many people, resulting in sea change in the philosophy found in baseball front offices.