Your Quote of the Year

If you’re looking to get pumped up about the 2010 season, look no further. Todd Zolecki provides the goods:

[Roy Halladay] On Johan Santana’s comments that he is the best pitcher in the NL East:


“I think it was a Lou Holtz quote, ‘Well done is always more important than well said.'”

Some Tweets to show you how pumped up the blogosphere is:

“I love Roy Halladay.” — @Phrontiersman

“I love this man.” — @TimothyMalcolm

We all knew Roy was good…we didn’t know that he was THIS good. — @DashTreyhorn

“Roy Halladay’s Lou Holtz quote solidifies that he’s the most popular #Phillies player in the history of earth. And all before first pitch.” — @HeelsontheField

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