BDD: Keeping Up with the Joneses

At BDD, I analyze the Mets’ flurry of free agent signings.

First you have the Phillies, winners of the NL East three years running, representatives of the National League in the World Series two years in a row, and 2008 World Series champions. They live comfortably and don’t consider living up to the standards of others. In other words, they won’t fight to get the last toy in stock for their kids; they just want to get in, get out, and be done with the holiday rush.


Then you have the Mets, who have been wearing concrete shoes in the NL East these last few years. GM Omar Minaya epitomizes the type of shopper who has to buy his kids just as much as you bought yours, and more. You got your kids Rock Band? Well, the store just ran out of those, but Minaya bought Rock Revolution, a cheap knock-off. You got your kids an Arnold figurine from Terminator? Omar got his kids an Arnold figurine from Jingle All the Way. That not being enough, he’ll also do some more shopping after Christmas, with discounts abound.

The Phillies got Halladay; the Mets got Escobar, Bay, and Molina. That’s called “keeping up with the Joneses“.