Phillies Trade Lee for Halladay

Jon Heyman of is reporting that the Phillies have indeed traded left-hander Cliff Lee in a three-team trade that nets them right-hander Roy Halladay.

The following will be updated as more information comes in. The incomplete roster:

PHI gets: Roy Halladay and $6 million from TOR; P Phillippe Aumont, OF Tyson Gillies, and P Juan Ramirez from SEA

SEA gets: Cliff Lee

TOR gets: C Travis D’Arnaud, P Kyle Drabek, OF Michael Taylor from PHI

UPDATE#1 (4:25 PM EST): Typer Kepner Tweets that Lee’s agent has not heard of the deal.

UPDATE #2 (4:35 PM EST): Jon Heyman Tweets:

im being told #halladay will agree on deal with #phillies, which would finalize trade. but not likely to happen today

UPDATE #3 (5:00 PM EST): Jon Morosi Tweets:

Source says Aumont (from SEA) and M. Taylor (from PHI) among players heading to TOR.

UPDATE #4 (6:15 PM EST): Jayson Stark was just on ESPN reporting that the Phillies are sending catcher Travis D’Arnaud and the Mariners P Phillippe Aumont to the Jays. The Phillies will get two prospects from the M’s. More to come.

UPDATE #5 (7:15 PM EST): The Associated Press reports that Joe Blanton, J.A. Happ, and Domonic Brown all took physicals today. Thus, it becomes more likely that all three are involved in the deal, though certainly possible that it was all preemptive.

UPDATE #6 (12/15 12:30 AM EST): Ken Rosenthal Tweets:

#Phils getting $6M from #Jays in Halladay deal. Drabek, Taylor, likely D’Arnaud to TOR, Aumont, Gillies and 3rd player to PHI…

* * *

If you’ve stopped by recently, you know how I feel about the whole deal. GM Ruben Amaro is clearly trying to position the Phillies for future success beyond 2010, for which you certainly cannot fault him. However, trading Lee and prospect(s) for Halladay and cash is essentially a lateral move for 2010, the team’s best shot at winning another World Series.

That being said, I’d like to publicly apologize for chastising Ken Rosenthal for reporting on “I’ve got a hunch” on Saturday. While any professional journalist should play it safe on hunches (especially one who six months ago roasted blogger Jerod Morris for conjecture), clearly Rosenthal felt strongly about his source and he turned out to be correct. Kudos to Ken who has once again proven that he is the best in the business.

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  1. Dan

    December 14, 2009 04:45 PM

    Halliday was the Phils top choice in July, I assume they think he’s better than Lee, but who knows? I’ll wait to see the details before passing judgement. The only way this deal really makes sense is if Lee wouldn’t talk extension and Doc will.

  2. Bill Baer

    December 14, 2009 04:49 PM


    I believe that is the case. From what I read, Lee was looking to get Sabathia money (but not 7 years, of course) as a free agent; Halladay apparently was willing to take less to come to Philly.

  3. hk

    December 14, 2009 04:59 PM

    I agree with Bill that the Phils should have gone all in, traded their own prospects for Halladay, signed him to an extension, kept Lee for 2010 and let Lee walk after the season (while picking up 2 picks as compensation). Short of that, I prefer Halladay to Lee, so I will be okay with this as long as the Phillies did not have to part with anything of value in addition to Lee.

  4. hk

    December 14, 2009 05:02 PM is saying that Michael Taylor is in the deal. If so, disregard my last comment. The Phils should not have to give up anyone of too much value to go from the younger and cheaper Lee to Halladay? I guess I’ll just wait until the final deal is announced before I judge it.

  5. Aaron H

    December 14, 2009 05:02 PM

    I know this is very dependent on the terms of the deal, but I’m guardedly optimistic about it.

    Assume that the Phils give up no high-level prospects and they’re paying Halladay nearly the same salary as Lee (since they are getting cash in this deal), then they’re getting a pitcher who has been consistently worth about 6 WAR, versus a pitcher who has only been pitching at that level for the past two years (and in a weaker division). Lee might have made some adjustments and permanently entered the ranks as one of the game’s best pitchers, but I’d still take Halladay’s track record over Lee’s if we had the choice of one or the other.

  6. Dan

    December 14, 2009 05:03 PM

    Looking at the deal this way: Phils get 1/2 season of Lee + Halliday for 1 year for:
    Michael Taylor
    Carlos Carrasco
    Jason Knapp
    Jason Donald
    Lou Marson

    Not too bad, actually.

  7. Mike P

    December 14, 2009 05:18 PM

    This whole deal still seems shady to me. Heyman tweeted that Lee was going to Seattle, and 5 minutes later tweeted: “sorry, quick trigger finger. #mariners definitely the third team. checking now with cliff lee is the pltcher they get.” Now foxsports has a source claiming that Lee and Taylor are in on the deal, but I’m sitting here wondering if they’re just getting ahead of themselves. Lee’s agent has heard nothing. What a media mess!

  8. EH

    December 14, 2009 08:39 PM

    Amaro is not a good GM

  9. hk

    December 14, 2009 10:16 PM

    The AP is reporting that both Blanton and Happ took physicals today. Maybe it’s only Blanton and/or Happ, but not Lee, to Seattle for salary relief and a prospect or two with Drabek and Taylor to Toronto for Doc.

  10. Dan

    December 15, 2009 09:21 AM

    Too many conflicting stories. IMHO, if we give up Drabeck and Taylor, why didn’t we do that last season? Why let Lee walk for prospects when we’d get some when he left at the end of the season through comp picks? Don’t understand this right now, I’ll reserve my judgement until everything if finalized, if that indeed happens!

  11. hk

    December 15, 2009 09:25 AM

    I agree Dan. I don’t like it as it is currently being reported, but I’ll also reserve judgement until the deal is finalized.

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