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FanGraphs: Fan Projections

Great news, everyone! From FanGraphs:

For those of you who have been hanging around FanGraphs since at least last season, you’ll know that we carry various projections in the off-season, which are for the most part generated by computer programs.

This off-season, in addition to carrying the various computer generated projections, we’ve teamed up with Tangotiger of insidethebook.com to give you, the fans, a chance to generate your own projection line for each major league player. Hopefully our collective brains will be able to pinpoint things that computer systems don’t.

I was so excited that I already went ahead and submitted my projections for the notable Phillies returning in 2010. Because I like saving my wrongness for future hilarity, I took screenshots of my “projections” so I can share them with anyone who stops by the blog.

You don’t submit specific numbers; instead you select ranges from a drop-down menu. When submitted, some numbers are extrapolated (plate appearances, for example), others are simply sliced and diced (doubles, triples, home runs; UZR).

Click the screenshots below to view a larger version.



You don’t have to be a blogger to submit projections. If you have any thoughts on how well Chase Utley and Cole Hamels are going to fare in 2010, stop by FanGraphs and submit your own projections.