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BDD: What If It Isn’t Real?

At Baseball Daily Digest, I wonder what we would do if it turns out MLB is just as corrupt as the NBA.

We will still watch, from Game 1 to Game 162, and the post-season. We will talk about the “hot stove” when it’s all done, then we’ll argue about trades that should and should not be made; free agents that should and should not be signed. We will be there for Spring Training. We will ride out the highs and lows with our favorite teams because that’s what we’re in it for, folks: the ride — like a dramatic movie (or in the case of the New York Mets: a comedy). As long as our sports achieve the goal of capturing our attention and entertaining us, we will continue to tune in on TV, radio, and the Internet; we will continue to buy tickets, merchandise, and food at the concession stands. We will continue to blog.