NLCS in Review

  • Four Phillies regulars hit for an OPS of 1.000 or better: Ryan Howard (1.457), Shane Victorino (1.320), Carlos Ruiz (1.271), and Jayson Werth (1.022). James Loney (1.127) was the only Dodger to cross that threshold.
  • The Phillies had 19 extra-base hits in the series to the Dodgers’ 9. 50% of the Phillies’ XBH were home runs as opposed to 67% of the Dodgers’.
  • 53% of the Phillies’ total hits were XBH; the Dodgers 24%.
  • 5 of the Dodgers’ 6 home runs were of the solo variety. Only 3 of the Phillies’ 10 were hit with the bases empty.
  • During the regular season, the Dodgers struck out 87 times less than the Phillies. During the NLCS, each team struck out a total of 33 times.
  • Cliff Lee was the only Phillies pitcher to get a hit. In last year’s NLCS, Brett Myers hit safely thrice in three at-bats and Cole Hamels got a hit as well. Clayton Kershaw was the only Dodger who reached base (via a walk).
  • Ramon Troncoso (3 IP) and Scott Elbert (1/3 IP) were the only Dodger relievers to finish the series with a 0.00 ERA. Brad Lidge, J.A. Happ, Chad Durbin, and Scott Eyre finished with aughts for the Phillies.
  • Dodgers starters had an ERA of 8.75; their relievers 5.68. Phillies starters had an ERA of 2.93; their relievers 3.38.
  • Dodger starters pitched only 55% of the innings; Phillies starters pitched 70% of the innings.
  • The Dodgers pitching staff had K/9, BB/9, and K/BB rates of: 6.96, 4.85, and 1.43 respectively. The Phillies pitching staff: 6.75, 2.45, 2.75.
  • Not one Phillies hitter on the bench got a hit in the NLCS. Matt Stairs was the only one to reach base (via a walk against Jonathan Broxton). For the Dodgers, Jim Thome had a hit and a walk in two at-bats, and Orlando Hudson hit a home run.
  • The Phillies and Dodgers tied a post-season record by hitting seven home runs between the two of them. It is the fifth time seven home runs have been hit in one post-season game.
  • Chase Utley reached base for the 25th conseuctive game by drawing a walk in the first inning of Game 5, tying the record held by Boog Powell.
  • The Phillies set a record by scoring 35 runs in five LCS games.
  • The Dodgers knocked the Phillies out of the playoffs in both the 1977 and ’78 NLCS. Thirty years later, the Phillies have exacted equivalent revenge.
  • The Phillies have reached the World Series in consecutive years for the first time in franchise history. The franchise, of course, has been around since 1883.

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  1. Schmenkman

    October 23, 2009 09:06 AM

    Alex Rodriguez did not get an RBI last night, so the record for consecutive post-season games with RBIs (multi-year) remains a 3-way tie at 8 between Howard, A-Rod, and Gehrig.

  2. Schmenkman

    October 23, 2009 09:28 AM

    The over-1.000 OPS is interesting, but also the very low OPS:

    Rollins .579 in the LDS, .610 LCS, .596 combined (but where would the Phils be without his game 4 rabbit out of the hat)

    Utley .558 LCS, after a strong (1.198) LDS –.833 combined

    Ibanez .599 LCS, .855 LDS — .720 combined

    Feliz .578 LCS, .552 LDS — .567 combined

  3. Schmenkman

    October 23, 2009 10:18 AM

    One more thing (last bullet) — the franchise has been around since 1883, but the WS since only 1903.

    Their seven NL pennants still rank 8th (last among the original 8 NL teams) since 1900:

    Dodgers 19
    Giants 18
    Cardinals 17
    Cubs 10
    Reds 9
    Braves 9
    Pirates 9
    Phillies 7
    Mets 4
    Padres 2
    Marlins 2
    Astros 1
    Diamondbacks 1
    Rockies 1
    Brewers 0 (1 in AL)
    Nationals 0

  4. Schmenkman

    October 23, 2009 10:39 AM

    Pennants since 1980 (arbitrary, I know):

    Phillies 5
    Cardinals 5
    Braves 5
    Mets 2
    Giants 2
    Dodgers 2
    Marlins 2
    Padres 2
    Rockies 1
    Reds 1
    Astros 1
    Diamondbacks 1

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