BDD: Twins Have Themselves to Blame

At Baseball Daily Digest, I suggest that umpire Phil Cuzzi did not cause the Twins to lose that game to the Yankees.

Yes, left field umpire Phil Cuzzi missed a call, but did the call cause the Twins to lose? Let’s imagine Mauer does get his justified double. Do the next two hitters — Jason Kubel and Michael Cuddyer — necessarily follow up with singles? Not so, if you buy into the butterfly effect. Kubel and Cuddyer singled following a Mauer single; there is no reason to assume that they would have singled following a Mauer double. They could have just as easily struck out back-to-back, or Kubel could have been hit in the ribs by a fastball and Cuddyer could have had a laser pointed in his eyes by a fan, causing him to ground into a double play.

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  1. H

    October 10, 2009 06:53 AM

    Thank you. You are one of the few bloggers, color commentators or sportswriters who understands the butterfly effect and its relevance to baseball.

    Of course, the bigger issue to me is that it seems like Cuzzi and the other umpires have missed what seems like an extraordinary amount of calls on the bases and foul lines in the 8 playoff games and 1 play-in game so far.

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