BDD: Suddenly, A-Rod Is Clutch

At Baseball Daily Digest, I examine the concept of clutch as it pertains to Alex Rodriguez, who has become Mr. Clutch this year.

If clutch is an ability then it should be somewhat consistent, but as the above graph shows, such is not the case. Generally, a clutch player should not be unclutch (and vice versa), especially over a long period of time and with a sufficient sample size.

To justify A-Rod’s unclutchness, one may cite examples of clutchness (such as his ‘07 and ‘09 seasons) as aberrant, or mere statistical variance. But isn’t that the case anyway? That is what we would expect of just about every Major League Baseball player. To say that a player’s clutchness can vary from year-to-year is to devalue the very concept of clutch. It is contradictory.

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