Dude… Brad, I just wrote a nice post about how I like the Phillies. And then you had to blow your eleventh save of the season. Just saying, is all.

  • Lidge has allowed at least one run in 29 of 63 (46%) appearances.
  • He’s allowed two or more runs in 15 (24%).
  • He’s allowed multiple hits in 20 (32%).
  • He’s walked at least one batter in 26 (41%).
  • He’s dead last in WXRL and it’s not particularly close. He’s #723 of 723. Lidge has a WXRL of -2.562. #722, Toronto’s Brian Wolfe, has a WXRL of -1.371. Yeah, Lidge has been twice as bad as the second-worst reliever in Major League Baseball.

What more does Lidge have to do to justify a demotion?

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