BDD: What, Exactly, is J.A. Happ?

At Baseball Daily Digest, I investigate Happ’s success this season: is it real or just an illusion?

It’s true: Happ hasn’t been giving up hits when his opponents are threatening to score. The only situations in which opponents have an OPS higher than .600 against him are:

  • Runner on first: .781 OPS
  • Bases empty: .725 OPS
  • Runner on second: .678 OPS

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  1. doubleh

    September 02, 2009 07:53 PM

    Looks like he’s starting to come back down to earth. I would prefer if it could wait until next year…but what can you do? 3 or 4 runs should still keep the Phils in the game, but you aren’t going to win much when you score 0-1 run/s.

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