How to Lose with Grace

From The 700 Level is a quote from Cliff Lee following his shellacking at the hands of the whiny Atlanta Braves:

“Ballpark? Whatever,” Lee said. “I got hit today because I was throwing pitches down the middle. That had nothing to do with the ballpark. It was me throwing balls down the middle and them not missing them. They’re good hitters. The ballpark is an excuse. Yeah, maybe in another ballpark a couple of those would have been fly balls, but they weren’t. They were home runs. It’s my job not to throw the pitches where I did.”  

I’ll also quote The 700 Level’s commentary:

See that, Braves? That’s how you lose with some stugots. Somehow I like Lee even better today than yesterday, despite the loss.

If an Atlanta Brave got shelled like Lee did, he’d blame everybody except himself. It was the ballpark. No, it was the umpire. No, it was the hostile Philadelphia crowd. No, it was the rainy weather the past few days. No, it’s because it’s the end of August. No, it’s because the Braves’ fielders didn’t corral every batted ball. No, it’s because Bobby Cox stole Jobu’s rum.

All right, I promise this is the last time I’ll whine about the Braves’ whining… until the next time they whine.

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  1. doubleh

    August 31, 2009 01:59 PM

    Braves fans tell me that this is the way Cox ups morale in the clubhouse–by blaming everything except his players. My response is to ask how the players ever expect to improve if they continually think they are the better team that’s just being defeated by factors outside of their control?

  2. Undocorkscrew

    February 12, 2010 10:15 PM

    This is pretty pathetic, mate.

    Exactly where were you getting this ‘Braves whining’ from? It seems to me, that you were just a bit annoyed that it was the Braves who were the first to get to Lee.

    Please, I’d love to see where you’re getting this nonsense from.

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