Home Run Derby Predictions

Everyone knows my predictions are worth less than a peso (though blind squirrels do find acorns from time to time), but I’m giving them away for free again anyway. Here are my predictions (pulled straight from my posterior) for tonight’s Home Run Derby. Feel free to criticize mine and leave your own.

Opening Round

Ryan Howard: 8

Prince Fielder: 8

Albert Pujols: 6

Nelson Cruz: 5

Brandon Inge: 4

Adrian Gonzalez: 4

Carlos Pena: 4

Joe Mauer: 2

Semi-Final Round

Ryan Howard: 6 (Total: 14)

Albert Pujols: 7 (Total: 13)

Prince Fielder: 3 (Total: 11)

Nelson Cruz: 4 (Total: 9)

Championship Round

Albert Pujols: 6

Ryan Howard: 4

BONUS Predictions

Number of “Gold ball” home runs hit by all players in all rounds combined: 14

Number of “Hit it here” signs tagged: 1

Number of “the Derby ruined his swing” articles written about Derby contestants’ second-half struggles: 1,138

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