Holy Comeback Batman!

Pirates Phillies game chartWhat a night! After having my morning ruined, I was about to give up on my evening when the Phillies fell behind to the Pirates 7-3. Shut off the TV and went out to watch the UFC. It was around 10 PM and I was at a bar-restaurant getting ready to watch the fights when I hear loud, raucous cheering from the other side of the restaurant. Clueless as to what that was about, I turn my attention back to the big screen.

Several moments pass. “Nah, they couldn’t have possibly came back in that game,” I thought as I pulled out my iPod to check the scores. “No way.”

Sure enough, 7-7 thanks to a Matt Stairs solo homer and a Ryan Howard three-run shot. And a walk-off hit from… Paul Bako? Your cardiac Phillies, ladies and gentlemen. Heading into the ninth inning, the Phillies had a 4.4% chance to win the game according to FanGraphs. Even after Matt Stairs homered and Rollins walked and stole second, that percentage only went to 5.3%.

When I shut the game off and left, I said about tomorrow’s starter J.A. Happ, “Let’s hope J.A. Happ can lock down a series win tomorrow.”

How about a sweep?

Interesting tidbit from a poster at Back She Goes: the last Phillies ninth-inning comeback of four or more runs came on June 16, 1998. Check out the similarities:

  • It was against the Pirates
  • The score was also 8-7
  • The walk-off hit came courtesy the catcher
  • The home plate umpire was Greg Gibson

By the way, if you didn’t get to catch UFC 100, you missed a great card. Dan Henderson did to Michael Bisping what the Phillies did to the Pirates. Georges St. Pierre continued his dominance and Brock Lesnar pounded the snot out of Frank Mir. If you get a chance, check out what Lesnar said after his victory. I’ll post a link if and when I find it. (Click here)

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