Frenchy for Church

The Mets traded Ryan Church to the Atlanta Braves for Jeff Francoeur. Take it away, George Takei!

I guess the Mets aren’t actually interested in being in the NL East race long enough to choke it away, so they swapped a perfectly good outfielder for a perfectly bad outfielder. Take a look at both players’ Wins Above Replacement (WAR) throughout their careers.

Ryan Church vs. Jeff Francoeur, Career WAR

Without adjusting for replacement level, Francoeur has been worth -0.6 runs over his career, accounting for both batting and fielding runs. That’s not wins; it’s runs. Roughly 10 runs translates into one win. Church has been worth about positive 41 runs, or about four wins, in his career.

The trade doesn’t really make the Braves a whole lot better but they do address their big weakness: outfield offense. The Mets… well, it will be odd to watch them piss away their post-season hopes before September. Kind of like how it was odd to see Mike Schmidt finish with less than 30 HR in 1988 after nine straight seasons of 30+ dingers.

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