It’s getting to be a theme, isn’t it? Phillies lose two of three, three of four, three of three. 3-12 in their last 15. After what seems awfully deserved after the last three weeks, sole possession of first place is finally gone. Given the way the Mets (5-10 in their last 15) and Braves (lost six of eight prior to the series with the Phils) have been playing, it can only be considered a lost opportunity to pick up some significant ground in the division.

Tank it into the All-Star break. Put themselves in a hole and have to dig their way out, the way they’ve done the last two seasons. Not the most efficient way, but it seems to work. Of course, previous teams did not bat someone with a .250 OBP lead-off. Or carry three light-hitting catchers.

Did you know?

Jimmy Rollins and Eric Bruntlett have a combined OPS+ this season lower than Abraham Nunez’s career average. 56 to 62. Not the most in-depth thought exercise, but a general idea of the futility of the Phillies’ SS-able players.

Excluding Happ — who has pitched exceptionally well — Brett Myers still has the lowest ERA among Phillies starters.

Since 1901, there have been 70 seasons in which a player has finished with a .250 on-base percentage or lower (non-pitcher and non-DH). Should Jimmy keep it up, he’d be #71. Think about all of the player-seasons since 1901. And then think of how many times 71 goes into that number. If my sleuthing on Baseball Reference is correct, there have been close to 80,000 player-seasons, so 71 would represent, oh, I don’t know… 0.09%. That’s how historically bad Rollins has been this season.

As Cajun Man would say, “depression.” “Inebriation.”

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