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Back in late April, I answered a few questions about the Phillies for Mark Schruender of Fantasy Baseball Hot Stove. Two of the players discussed — Jimmy Rollins and Brad Lidge — haven’t had significant upward mean-regressions as I (and the Phillies) had hoped. Still, that didn’t stop Mark from coming back for more. Click here to read my responses to his latest batch of questions.

Here’s a snippet:

What you may be surprised to learn is that, despite the hot start, Ibanez is actually hitting worse against the fastball and slider this year as opposed to last year, according to the pitch-type linear weights found at FanGraphs. He has improved against the cut fastball and the curveball, and is absolutely killing change-ups.

Elsewhere on the Interwebs, check out the Adam Dunn All-Star campaign at The Bottom of the Barrel. He’s willing to part with an autographed Dustin Pedoira baseball if Dunn gets in the midsummer classic.

Tomorrow evening, you’ll be able to enjoy a Phillies-Blue Jays series preview-interview with Drunk Jays Fans, a high-quality Jays blog. Yay, Internet!

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