Prequel to the Sequel

In the Phillies 2009 preview I wrote at Baseball Daily Digest (if you decide to re- read it, have a good laugh at the Ibanez part), I cited “Prequel to the Sequel” by Between the Buried and Me as the Phils’ “team song”. With the Phils back in Los Angeles, where they clinched their first World Series berth since 1993, I thought it was appropriate to bring it up again.

If you don’t like progressive metal, you probably won’t like the song, but you have to admit that the title is apropos. I am officially branding it the Phillies’ theme song for 2009. That’s right, I have that power (no I don’t).

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  1. MikeS

    June 07, 2009 07:38 PM

    I’m a Phillies/progressive metal fan also, but I mostly listen to bands like Shadow Gallery, Seventh Wonder, Suspyre, and Hourglass.

    I’m starting to fear that the Phils’ “team song” might be “Oblivious to the Obvious”, by Hourglass.

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