Shane, What Were You Thinking?

Shane Victorino, goatDown by two in the ninth inning, Shane Victorino works a lead-off walk against Florida Marlins closer Matt Lindstrom. With the homer-prone Matt Stairs pinch-hitting, Shane Victorino is not going to stray far from the first base bag. Or so you’d think.

Shane, for some reason, attempted to steal second with his team down by two runs in the ninth inning with a power hitter at the plate. And he was thrown out by catcher Ronny Paulino.

Why? There was no reason to run in that situation. None at all.

On the bright side of things, Ryan Howard crushed two home runs in the game: one well past the center field fence and one about ten rows back in left-center. That’s what Ryan Howard looks like when he’s locked-in.

The Phillies look to rebound against Marlins lefty Andrew Miller.  Joe Blanton will toe the rubber for the good guys.

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  1. doubleh

    May 26, 2009 12:31 PM

    Vic has a pretty low baseball IQ and makes several head-scratching plays a year, but it’s the unfortunate flip side of Vic, the exciting “spark-plug” type player.

    Jose Reyes does the same for the Mets IIRC.

    I’d like to see him cut down on these types of gaffes, but at the same time, the Phils running game in general has not been as good this year as it has been the past two years. Why is that? Is it because of Rollins slump to start the season, Lopes being out for portions of ST, other?

    I am very concerned about Moyer. Last night’s start vs. the Marlins, a team he typically owns, was very pedestrian. When Wes Helms and Ronnie Paulino have big nights…of course, the 3-run HR to Helms was preceeded by a strikeout that wasn’t called by the ump…but Moyer has to be able to recover from that without giving up a bomb to a guy who hasn’t hit one all season.

  2. Bill Baer

    May 26, 2009 04:50 PM

    the 3-run HR to Helms was preceeded by a strikeout that wasn’t called by the ump

    It was a ball. If Pitch F/X is at all accurate, it was several inches inside.

    Don’t know why the Phillies’ running is much less efficient this year, but it might have something to do with the early offensive inconsistency, forcing them to run in less-than-ideal situations when they have base runners.

    Agreed on Victorino’s “low baseball IQ”.

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