Fantasy League Week 4 Recap

Last week, we saw lots of close match-ups. This week, not so much. Four of the five matches had scores of 6-2, and my match-up with Todak went 5-2. Congratulations to Todak, Jack Bauer’s Army, Cust’s Club, Shooter’s Swingers, and The Beast for their decisive victories.

Jack Bauer’s Army is the only one yet to lose a match-up in four weeks, though Shooter’s Swingers has not lost but instead tied 4-4 in Week 3. Niagara Stars is the only one yet to win a match-up. Yours truly has had a rough couple weeks as well — I’ve only won in four categories in that time span.

IWS is the proud owner of Carl Crawford, who stole 11 bases during the week. The only other player to steal a base for him was Alexei Ramirez, but that was wiped out by Jimmy Rollins’ failed attempt to steal a base.

Onto the tables (click to enlarge)…

This week’s matchups:

  • Crashburn Alley vs. Shooter’s Swingers
  • Toothsome vs. Todak
  • Cust’s Club vs. Jack Bauer’s Army
  • Hat Guy vs. IWS
  • The Beast vs. Niagara Stars