It was just five days ago when Cole Hamels was smoked in the left shoulder by a Prince Fielder line drive. Hamels must not have made the correct offering to the Flying Spaghetti Monster because he has been struck down again. Per Todd Zolecki’s Twitter:

Cole Hamels has left the game early. Again. This time he turned his left ankle fielding a ball. Unbelieveable. [SIC]

Cole: Stay away from mirrors, ladders, and black cats. Thanks.

Looking at the Meatballs

You may recall back on April 11, I posted a chart with the pitches that have been taken yard by hitters facing Phillies pitching. One would have thought things would improve since then, but they really haven’t.

The average National League pitching staff has allowed 19 home runs; the Phillies’ has allowed a league-leading 39. Two of the top three pitchers who have allowed the most home runs are Phillies: Brett Myers (8) and Joe Blanton (6). Jamie Moyer and Cole Hamels (5) are tied with seven others for fourth-place in HR allowed.

Jamie Moyer’s start in the series finale in Florida was the first all season in which Phillies pitching did not allow a home run.

The obvious culprit is location. We’ll visualize that in a few ways. The first graph shows every single pitch hit for a home run. The next four will show platoon match-ups, and the following four will show the home runs on specific pitches.

Note that you are looking at the strike zone from the catcher’s perspective.

Platoon match-ups:


  • 2 FB
    • Nick Johnson vs. Scott Eyre
    • Adam Dunn vs. Scott Eyre
  • 1 FB cut
    • Kelly Johnson vs. Jamie Moyer
  • 1 CH
    • Jordan Schafer vs. J.A. Happ


  • 4 FB
    • Jordan Schafer vs. Brett Myers
    • Brian McCann vs. Joe Blanton
    • Adam Dunn vs. Joe Blanton
    • Adam Dunn vs. Clay Condrey)
  • 2 CH
    • Brian McCann vs. Brett Myers
    • Adrian Gonzalez vs. Brett Myers
  • 1 SL
    • Adrian Gonzalez vs. Chan Ho Park
  • 1 CU
    • Dexter Fowler vs. Chan Ho Park


  • 5 FB
    • Garrett Atkins vs. Cole Hamels
    • Luis Rodriguez vs. Cole Hamels
    • Nick Hundley vs. Cole Hamels
    • Elijah Dukes vs. Jack Taschner
    • Ryan Braun vs. Jamie Moyer
  • 1 FB cut
    • Chipper Jones vs. Jamie Moyer
  • 5 CH
    • Elijah Dukes vs. Jamie Moyer
    • Ryan Braun vs.  Jamie Moyer
    • Scott Hairston vs. Cole Hamels
    • Ryan Braun vs. Cole Hamels
    • Alberto Gonzalez vs. Jack Taschner


  • 8 FB
    • Josh Willingham vs. Chad Durbin
    • Bill Hall vs. Chad Durbin
    • Ryan Zimmerman vs. Brad Lidge
    • Kevin Kouzmanoff vs. Brad Lidge
    • Jeff Francoeur vs. Brett Myers
    • Troy Tulowitzki vs. Brett Myers
    • Clint Barmes vs. Brett Myers
    • Elijah Dukes vs. Joe Blanton
  • 4 SL
    • Matt Diaz vs. Brad Lidge
    • Jorge Cantu vs. Chan Ho Park
    • Ryan Zimmerman (2) vs. Joe Blanton
  • 3 CU
    • Garrett Atkins vs. Brett Myers
    • Dan Uggla vs. Brett Myers
    • Dan Uggla vs. Chan Ho Park
  • 1 CH
    • J.J. Hardy vs. Joe Blanton

By pitch:

The next chart shows the average distance of home runs allowed by each pitcher, using data from Hit Tracker Online. Distances of home runs hit last night and Sunday are not included.

Fantasy League Week 3 Recap

Week 3 was a week of parity: the average margin of victory was 1.5, which includes two ties. Todak and IWS tied, as did Shooter’s Swingers and The Beast.

Cust’s Club continues to swing the bats well, leading in all three bat categories: RBI, OBP, and SLG. The pitching is a bit more even, as Shooter’s Swingers is the only club to lead in multiple pitching categories.

We also saw our first trade during the season. Niagara Stars traded David Wright and Grant Balfour to Toothsome for B.J. Upton and Brandon Morrow. The only previous trade included the two clubs as well: Niagara Stars traded Stephen Drew and Carlos Quentin to Toothsome for Geovany Soto, Troy Tulowitzki, and Vernon Wells.

Congratulations go out to Jack Bauer’s Army, Cust’s Club, and Hat Guy as they were the only three to earn victories (which only count in our minds) in Week 3.

Here’s what it all looks like. Click the image for a larger version.

The match-ups:

The leaderboards:

And the standings: